Lindsey Stirling / Vibrant Sound – Lawrence, KS

Took Sprout to Lawrence, KS to see Lindsey Stirling at the Granada. The show was amazing. Here she is doing a Michael Jackson medley of Beat It, Billie Jean, and Smooth Criminal. Good stuff!

She also did a cover of Journey’s Separate Ways and a medley of Legend of Zelda tracks.

Her opener was The Vibrant Sound. They were pretty spectacular also. Here they are doing a Marvin Gaye cover/sample.

Boom ba doom boom.

An oldie but a goodie, and one of the best to come out of SoundCloud in a while. Nicki Minaj slowed down sounds like a super effeminate Jay-Z. I listen to this more often than I should.

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Slowment 4 Life is pretty stellar, too.
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Stevie Wonder – Funerals

Whitney Houston’s funeral was today and I watched Stevie Wonder’s performance of a modified “Ribbon in the Sky.” It reminds me of him giving an amazing performance at Michael Jackson’s funeral.

At which funeral will he sing next? More importantly, who will sing at his funeral? Who is going to give the “Stevie Wonder performance” at Stevie Wonder’s funeral?

Robyn – SNL, Cover, Swoon Face

Robyn was on SNL over the weekend and performed Call Your Girlfriend and Dancin on My Own from her 2010 Body Talk album. She killed it!

After checking that out see her do a cover of Alicia Keys’s (s’? ‘s? s’s?) Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart for an iheartradio performance.

And if that’s not enough, watch Who’s That Girl? over on YouTube. The feeling I get when I see the face she makes at :16-:17 confirms I have a crush on this girl. Swoon!

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