Missing music from Kill Bill vol. 1

There were a lot of tracks used in the movie during various scenes that were left off the soundtrack to Kill Bill vol. 1. I found this list, oddly enough, in a review of Kill Bill vol. 1 on Amazon.

The list is semi long so I’ve decided to make this an extended entry.

Of all of them I wanted the song where she first challenges Oren Ishii, called Death Rides a Horse. Well, I ‘found’ it.

“Music Box Dancer”
Written by: Frank Mills
Plays in the Pasadena scene with the Ice Cream Truck

Written by: David Allen Young
Performed by: David Allen Young

“Truck Turner”
Written by: Isaac Hayes
Performed by: Isaac Hayes
Plays during the hospital parking lot scene

“Seven Notes in Black”
Written by: Franco Bixie, Fabio Frizzi & Vince Tempera
Performed by: Vince Tempera & Orchestra
The scene with Buck

“I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta / The Long Day of Vengeance”
Written by: Armando Trovajoli
Performed by: Armando Trovajoli
Shot of sword in O-Ren’s father’s head panning up

“Il Grande Duello / The Grand Duel, M10”
Written by: Luis Bacalov
Performed by: Luis Bacalov
“Wiggle your big toe” and Chapter 3 Intro. Also, O-Ren killing Boss Matsumoto (very different from The Grand Duel version on the album)

“Wound that heals” (Kaifukusuru Kizu )
Written by: Takeshi Kobayashi
Performed by: Lily Chou-Chou
This song plays when the Bride looks at all the swords in the attic

“I Walk Like Jane Mansfield”
Written by: The’s
Performed by: The’s
Is performed in the House of Blue Leaves (end of song, briefly after Battle Without Honor Or Humanity)

“Motorcycle go go go”
Performed by: The
Is performed in the House of Blue Leaves

“I giorni dell’ira” (Day of Anger)
Written by: Riziere Ortolani
Performed by: Riz Ortolani
Start of Crazy 88 bloodbath up to eye-pluck

“I’m Blue”
Written by: Ike Turner
Performed by: The’s
Is performed in the House of Blue Leaves (The Bride narrowly escaping Go Go when she tries to spy on O-Ren)

“Death Rides a Horse”
Written by: Ennio Morricone
Performed by: Ennio Morricone
Plays in the House of Blues Leaves (The Bride dismembers Sofie and challenges O-Ren)

“Champions of Death”
Written by: Shuzsuko Kibushi
Swashbuckling action, bamboo snapback

“White Lightning”
Written by: Charles Bernstein
Performed by: Charles Bernstein
Basically is on the CD, together with the RZA Crane tunes

“Police Check Point”
Written by: Harry Betts
Performed by: Harry Betts
During Crazy 88 bloodbath action after O-Ren retreats to the back

“Nobody But Me”
Performed by: The Human Beinz
Plays during the Massacre at House of Blue Leaves

“Yagyu Conspiracy”
Written by: Toshiaki Tsuchima
Performed by: Toshiaki Tsushima
The Bride’s “Second reason” speech

“Urami Bushi”
Performed by: Meiko Kaji
This plays during the end credits

Performed by Quincy Jones
The excerpt appears on the original soundtrack and is all that is used in the film. This is the complete version.

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  1. Whats the song after the bride kills oren when she walks back and sits down on a sit on a brench in the garden these some japanesse singing in it ?

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