American Gladiators Drinking Game

From here.

The rules:

One drink every time:
– Hulk Hogan addresses someone as “brother”
– A replay of a Gladiator talking shit is shown
– Wolf howls like an idiot
– The announcer makes a bad pun referring to a Gladiators name
– A fan has a sign devoted to a certain Gladiator as if they know who they are or care what they do

Two drinks every time:
– A Contender beats a Gladiator
– A Contender refers to their participation being a dream/honor
– A Contender gets wet
– A Gladiator refers to themselves in the third person
– One of the female Gladiators is referred to as being attractive

Finish your drink if:
– Hogan says, “OH, YEEAAAHH”
– A Contender hits the target in Assault
– A Contender knocks the Gladiator off the platform in Joust
– Anyone has to withdraw because of injury
– Someone actually makes it to the end of the hand-bike without falling off in the Eliminator

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