Flooded 141 & 44 in Fenton, MO.

I finally got down to 141 and 44 and took some pretty good pictures until it started to snow. You can view the Flickr set. Normally, this intersection is jam packed and it’s quite strange to stand in the middle of a 6 lane highway and take pictures leisurely. Little Mary couldn’t grasp the concept of all the water being over the road. It bothered her so much that she’s still asking about it an hour after we’ve been there. A lot of people were popping in and out taking pictures of the intersection, but only a few of us were down on the median and road. A news crew was there shooting, but was on the SE side of 141. We were on the SW side. Out of nowhere snow started falling pretty quickly. 141 and 44 is quite eery. It was dark, cold, and very quiet.

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