Michael Jackson vs Rick Astley

When I was 17, maybe 18, I went to Spain with other members of my high school on a cultural trip for Spanish class. My roommate and I would sneak out of the hotel at night and go shopping in the markets, drink in the local bars, and eat at the restaurants. One night, we stumbled into a music store and I picked up Madonna’s Ray of Light album and a Michael Jackson remix album that had a lot of cool tracks on it, including mashups with Rick Astley and Billy Ocean. I have been scouring the internet for this album for years and never really found anything. Recently, I did find the Astley mix on a youtube video, and then the actual track on another website.

It’s a great remix and easily one of my favorites. I will probably forever hunt for that CD. For all I know it’s tucked away in a box in my folks’ house in its original sleeve.

It looks like the album I am looking for is a rare remix unreleased album called “He Still Drives Me Wild


1 Disco Mix Club Remix (10:20)
2 Disco Mix Club Remix (11:57)
3 Criminal Heart (Annie & Brother Mix) (7:32)
4 Smooth Criminal (Smokin’ Gun Mix) (6:47)
5 Human Nature (12” Remix – Japan) (4:09)
6 Speed Demon (Disco Mix Club Remix) (6:37)
7 Disco Mix Club – Compilation Remix (11:34)
8 Remember The Time (The Ultimate Mix) (11:15)

Criminal Heart – Michael Jackson vs Rick Astley

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