Define: gauche

gauche adj \'gõsh\

Definition of gauche
a : lacking social experience or grace; also : not tactful : crude
b : crudely made or done

Examples of gauche

-Would it be gauche of me to ask her how old she is?

-His loud talking at the opera marked him as gauche and uncultured.

-Among élite scientists, it was usually considered gauche to be obsessed with anything so tangible or immediate: brilliant discoveries were supposed to percolate. —Michael Specter, New Yorker, 3 Dec. 2007

-We were suburban housewives and mothers. As poets we took a respectful backseat to the male poets. We did not talk about our husbands and children in public; that would have been gauche indeed. —Maxine Kumin, In Deep, 1987

Merriam-Webster Dictionary