The Florida Keys Babymoon

I am taking my wife on a Babymoon in April to the Florida Keys after finding an amazingly priced flight last night. I was up until almost 4 in the morning reading, booking a resort, and seeing what we can get into down there. I love to travel. I also really love to read guidebooks about where we’re going. I use them to choose things to do while we’re there, find neat little places to eat, and find hidden beaches, authentic experiences, and off-the-beaten-path places.

So, I added a few books to Calibre and pushed them to my Voyage to read over the next weeks including:

I’m on a quest to read 50 books in 2015.

8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 / 50 – Key West Travel Books

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

I leave in a few weeks to go to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Florida. For the first time EVER I am going camping. It’s a moments walk from the bay and the gulf beach. I picked up some snorkel gear and a saltwater fishing license and we are going to do some scallop fishing. I don’t like to line fish (wriggling, worms, fileting) but the thought of plucking items out of the bay with my bare hands is intriguing.

And here’s the best video showing you how to clean em.

We’ll also be doing some beach kite flying, beach frisbee, and catching the Perseid Meteor Shower. I borrowed my dad’s binoculars and plan on spying on some wildlife.

I am ready to go and cannot wait!