The Saucier

I’m making sauces. This week I made a béchamel with broccoli for stuffed chicken and a spoon-licking dijon velouté for some braised bone-in pork chops. It’s getting chef-y.

Saucin’ it up is where it’s at and I’m ready to learn. We’ll start with the basics, refer to the sauce tree, and move into some daughter sauces like Supréme.

The 5 Mother Sauces
Béchamel: Roux + Dairy (traditionally milk or cream)
Velouté: Roux + White Stock (traditionally chicken, but also vegetable or fish)
Espagnole: Roux + Brown Stock (traditionally veal or beef)
Tomato: Roux + Tomatoes (or, go the Italian route by skipping the roux and simply reducing tomatoes over medium-low heat until thick)
Hollandaise: Egg Yolks + Clarified Melted Butter + Acid (like lemon juice or white wine)