Michael’s Jesus Juice

R. Kelly can go to the Grammys but he can’t talk to Michael Jackson. The judge said so. Why would Michael care? He’s far too busy dealing with people talking about him bribing children with Jesus Juice. Yeah, I know. That sounds really nasty.

Michael Jackson plied children with Coke cans full of “Jesus juice” (for white wine) and “Jesus blood” (for red) and quaffed enough of the stuff himself to get snockered on an airplane ride.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but when I read stuff like this it throws me for a loop. Why does he think doing this stuff is good PR?


I was skimming the RFT this morning and read Savage Love. At the very bottom was a snippet about Rick Santorum, the republican senator from PA who had fightin’ words to say about homosexuals comparing the homosexual act to incest and adultery, among other things. santorum.jpgWell, the Savage Love article linked to a site called SpreadingSantorum.com, a blog maintained by Dan Savage, the author of Savage Love. Savage’s definiton of santorum can be seen in the “sponsored link” image to the left which I snagged when doing a search for the word “santorum” on Google. Here’s how the term was coined:

Alas, the Santorum scandal didn’t have legs. In fact, most of us–myself included–had already moved on when a Savage Love reader wrote in to say that he didn’t want to see the Santorum scandal fade into political oblivion. SARS (Sex and Rick Santorum) suggested that we name a sex act for Santorum, “[so that] this episode will never be forgotten.”

Savage has been trying to get his page rank up (scroll down) on Google and wants to be at the top of the list when searching for the word “santorum”. Right now, he’s about the 3rd.

For a full screen definition, click here. (Probably not work safe.)