This is Catherine’s (3) current collection of items. Things are taken as “needed”, items rotate in and out, some get taken in bags to Grandma’s house, etc. We’ve got a whole chicken in there, so she’s doing some cooking. There are a few STEM items, which is nice to see. We’ve never owned a Game Boy Color, but I guess we do now. Is that how this works?

Winter Workout – An Automation

With Home Assistant on a RasPi, a Bluetooth speaker, a temp sensor, and a couple of smart plugs in a cold basement corner in Saint Louis, MO:

Begin winter workout automation:

Turn on space heater, set temp to 70 degrees.
Check temp. Is it 70? No. Loop until target of 70 is reached.
Is it 70? Yes.
Set server audio output to workout space Bluetooth speaker.
Set volume on speaker to 60%
Set lighting to 90%, randomize to a single color.
Play Battle Without Honor Or Humanity. #Random “intro song” list
Send notification to self that “Workout space is ready.”
Shuffle “workout” playlist and play after Battle…
Wait 12 minutes.
Pause “workout” playlist.
Play NPR News Now.
Play The Word of the Day. #Could randomize a list of 1-minute, fun podcasts.
Resume “workout” playlist.
Wait 12 minutes.
Set volume on speaker to 30% #Audio cue to end workout.
Wait 2 minutes.
Turn off space heater, set volume on speaker to 15%.
Wait 2 minutes.
Stop audio. Disable lighting.

End winter workout automation.

Gym in the 40’s – Ridiculous

“Various shots of gorgeous 1940s glamour girls in swimsuits and high heels using exercise machines in a gym. The machines are “the latest mechanized units” of the kind that massage away lumps and bumps (supposedly) on legs, tummies and bottoms. Great footage for showing exercising machines and typical 1940s swimsuits and hairstyles. Fast swing music on soundtrack.

Final shots show the girls using a variety of exercise apparatus including exercise bike, rowing machine and a kind of rotating tombola that seems to be massaging a girl’s stomach and nether regions – fancy!”

British Pathé FILM ID: 1212.11

(Grand) Reopening

I am currently going through the thousands of past posts and will be publishing some (hopefully most?) back to public. I’m also going to be writing in this space again.


I think I can be a better recorder of my thoughts in my 40’s and I’m curious to see what I will blog about. That’s it. Anywho, after an almost 4-year hiatus, the blog is reopening.

The Saucier

I’m making sauces. This week I made a béchamel with broccoli for stuffed chicken and a spoon-licking dijon velouté for some braised bone-in pork chops. It’s getting chef-y.

Saucin’ it up is where it’s at and I’m ready to learn. We’ll start with the basics, refer to the sauce tree, and move into some daughter sauces like Supréme.

The 5 Mother Sauces
Béchamel: Roux + Dairy (traditionally milk or cream)
Velouté: Roux + White Stock (traditionally chicken, but also vegetable or fish)
Espagnole: Roux + Brown Stock (traditionally veal or beef)
Tomato: Roux + Tomatoes (or, go the Italian route by skipping the roux and simply reducing tomatoes over medium-low heat until thick)
Hollandaise: Egg Yolks + Clarified Melted Butter + Acid (like lemon juice or white wine)

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